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Brookings Midwest Supercross Racing

Midwest Supercross - Brookings South Dakota Jan 18th and 19th 2008 : : Midwest Supercross Races return to the Brookings Swiftel Center! Last event in November 2007 Saw the return of Cody Gilmore as he took top Honors in both classes and both nights. Get ready for a great weekend of more exciting racing.

Midwest Supercross Racing
Fri January 18th Saturday January 19th, 2008
Swiftel Center Arena

Supercross racing at its best. Hosting all classes! Tickets are $13.50 in advance; $16.50 day of show. For children ages 3-12 tickets are $8.50 in advance and $10.50 for day of show. $10.50 for SDSU students with valid student i.d. Call 692-7539 for more info.

Please vote for Randy Toy

Please Vote for Randy Toy
I need your vote to win. I entered a contest on Racer X a while back,
for the second annual Etnies Photo Contest, and one of the photos I submitted has made it as a top 10 finalist, Now it is up to the viewer votes.
Please have all your friends vote for me. It's the photo of Chase McGrath #326 Going through the water. Lots of green in the photo and it has my name in the photo caption "Randy Toy Please Pass it on and Thanks a ton for your vote.

Randy Toy

Vote for Randy Toy

Here are the photos from Soaring Edge Raceway on sunday October 28th 2007. I am still having troubles with my photo store as I have reached the storage limit for that website, and the only way to add more there is to delete them all and start over. Well that is allot easier said than done and I just don't have the time or money right now to work on getting my photo store limit increased. So all the photos from Last weekend and this weekend will be in this format and the digital version is FREE with no watermark. I know everyone will prefer this way over the other way because you can see more photos all at once and none of them are watermarked, plus you can get a large version with out paying for it. this means you are able to view a larger version than you would be able to on my store. The photos are not the originals but they are still 1600 x 1024. <MORE>

Earlier this year I also launched a Forum that I have not had much time to promote or even talk about. Right now I have 27 members and slowly the forum is getting bigger and better. So I am looking for forum members and to a select few new members I will grant moderators privileges. If you are interested in joining my forum with moderators privileges. Also my plan in the next few years for is to have a central location where all tracks at local and national level can post their Rules, Results and event calendars. Riders Meeting is the perfect name for the perfect place to chat about all the races. I believe that if we all got together Riders Meeting could be what it's name suggests. So if would like to join and help promote my forum. Please contact me at

With the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series opener in Des Moines Iowa coming November 2nd 2007, it is one of the areas biggest events and a great place to see how you stack up this year against the pro's. It's also that time of year when the weather becomes unpredictable here in the midwest so getting in a few days of practice before the big race is exactly what is needed. What better way to practice than to practice on a Scaled model of an actual arenacross track. Well hidden in the valleys and thru grazing fields of Iowa such a place does exist. This private track is only shared with the Cattle. The first few times I went to kneel down to get a good angle on a corner shot, I got a whiff of something foul, Yup a few inches from where I placed my knee was fresh cow dung. It only took me a couple times before I remembered to watch where I step and where I decide to plant my self. Arenacross veteran Travis Hodges was on hand getting in some seat time, and Ricky Draper was also there putting in some blazing fast lap times. Ricky is on a comeback mission. Recently Matt Draper wrote in with a Ricky Update from Branson, his first big race since his crash earlier this year:

Hey everyone, just a quick summary of the week's events in Branson...Ricky's first big race since his injury...Moto 1 in 250 pro pulled a 3rd place start and then hit another bike in turn four, bending his front brake rotor. With no front brake he finished 27th. In moto 2 he started about 15th then lost four positions adjusting his clutch, he went from 19th all the way up to 12th by the end of the moto. With a 27-12, he ended up 20th overall. In the 450 pro, they had 36 entries so he had to qualify for a Sunday runoff, he came in with a 12 and in the runoff scored an impressive 9th after holding 6th for most of the race. He definitely turned a corner as we head into Arenacross season...

Also on hand were a few of the areas young hopeful future Arenacross, Motocross & Supercross Stars, they too were getting in their work before their big day in Des Moines. Pardon me for not getting their last names but Seth on bike 531, Nick on bike # 723 & Dillon Cloyed on Bike #97 were having allot of fun and enjoying a beautiful October day. At one point near the end of the day, Matt Draper put a challenge out to both Nick and Seth. If they jumped the first double of the set of tripples then they would make it to the home page with Travis Hodges & Ricky Draper. Well Seth was first to take the charge and once he did, Seth jumped it time after time, Nick took a little longer to hit it, but he made the leap. His first time Nick came up a little short, but he was not going to give up so he went for it again and the second time, he would have had it fine but he landed a little off and was pitched from the bike. You guessed is I was there to get it on camera. Even though he didn't quite make it I felt that his efforts must be rewarded. Nick really gave it his best effort at that point, Mostly it's a good thing he didn't fly a little further because there was a few fresh cow patties less than 5 feet from where he hit the ground. SO he avoided that mess that's for sure. Cleaning off a little dust is much better than having to ride home in the back of the truck because of a little smelly left over's from the cattle. <MORE>

Toyota AMA Arenacross Series Opens In Des Moines (From
Danny Smith (TUF/Honda) returns to defend title vs. a host of veteran greats and future stars of AMA Supercross Series

AURORA, Ill. (Oct. 3, 2007) – The 2007-’08 Toyota AMA Arenacross Series opens in Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 2-4 at Wells Fargo Arena, featuring the best arenacross racers in the world battling for the prestigious title of Toyota AMA Arenacross Series champion.

The Toyota AMA Arenacross Series’ defending champion, Danny Smith (TUF/Honda), will stage defense on his first title. Racing his first full year of Toyota AMA Areancross Series, Idaho’s Smith engaged in an epic battle with Oklahoma’s Robbie Reynard (Reynard Modifications/Honda) that brought the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series’ title chase right down to the last race in Nashville, Tenn. While Smith would win the title by 17 points, Reynard, a longtime legend in AMA Motocross/Supercross, won over the fans and is expected to return to action in Des Moines to take another shot at the crown.

“The city of Des Moines has become well known to the arenacross community as the launching pad for the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series,” said Jayme Dalsing, director of arenacross for Live Nation. “Wells Fargo Arena will be packed to see one of the most competitive fields the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series has seen to start the season in the history of the sport."<MORE>

I just wanted to let all the tracks and riders that I am having ACL Surgery Today September 10th 2007. I will be missing at least a month's worth of Photos. I will not be attending any races until the next race at Soaring Edge on October 21st. I might make it to a few here and there as a spectator, but not as a Photographer. I wish everyone a great month or so of racing and I hope to be back out there taking photos soon. I will also not be able to update my website for at least a week, If you want to leave a message or post your race results or talk about the races. Visit to my Forum and say Hello at I have not really had time to get my Forum off the ground and get visitors and members so If some one has news they want to let the racertoy world know about Please post your information my
Thanks to everyone for all your support.

"UPDATE" Randy's Surgery went really well and after a night in the Hospital he is at home resting and healing up." 11:45pm 9-11-07

Randy Toy

2007 Opens the Savannah Hills Race Park with Muddy Creek-Paradise Raceway and Novak Construction bringing you the SOUTH MISSISSIPPI MX BLOWOUT.
This will be an event to remember with A class riders fighting for the $5,000.00 Purse, and B-D class riders showing what they have to offer for Great Trophy's and prizes. Click Here for more details
This event is drawing attention from Houston, Tx to the Florida Panhandle and as far north as Lincoln, Nebraska. We expect to have a wonderful turnout with some VERY fast riders and some New novices. Do not be afraid to enter because of ability or skill level, we have classes to meet everyone's riding ability. This is a great opportunity to race with riders from all over the country in a big event.
The site has a new 40 bike gate that we hope is packed for every moto and main. HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE LINE!
From: MxBlowout

Check out some of the custom posters I have designed for various riders from the 2007 season so far. Riders like Denny Stephenson, Harod Waddell, Cody Gilmore, Kyle Corman, Travis Hodges, Ricky Draper , Erik Kohl, Luke Vopnford, Jake & Shane Oltman and the list goes on. I am currently working on Posters for Kenny Bartram, James Carter and Ryan Logan. If you want a customer poster designed by please email
Kenny Bartram will be live on Pitpass Radio tonight with me Randy Toy. The Show airs at 7:00 pm central time and we will be in the first hour of the show. If you have ever herd the live broadcasts from Tony Wenck with Pit Pass Radio before then you need to set your schedules every week on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm central time so catch his weekly broadcast.
Tonight's show will feature Myself & Kenny Bartram. Other guests will include Steve Rapp - Attack Kawaski, Tyler Wharton - KTM, Steve Wise and Marty Tripes. So don't miss this show.
Crew at Pit Pass Radio – Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Tony “Ticeman” Tice, Chad "Single Malt" Aplin, and Jeremy Shonning. Guest host Ed Kuhlenkamp, Build-Momentum. Pit Pass Radio is a syndicated motorcycle talk-radio show heard across the U.S. on radio stations and around the world via the internet at

Private Practice Location Disclosed
For the first time in more than a month the weather was bearable, with low humidity and perfect 72 outside it was time to ride. Plus it had rained the night before and with sand you definatly want some rain. This track is perfect for a workout and some good hard practice. Cody Gilmore and Adam Daniels stopped out for a few minutes to check out the conditions, but cody is still on the mend and needs to say clear of the really rough stuff for a little longer. <MORE>

All the Practice and First Moto Photos are uploaded. so CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEM
I have taken a few of my favorites and also put them in a folder called "Some of my Favorites"
Make sure to check those out, also Make sure to Check out the Photos from the 250cc A race,
There are allot of really good photos in that race so don't miss that one.
Well thank you for your patience and I will continue to add photos for the remainder of the week.

If you were unable to make it to the races on Saturday you missed a good turn out. We had some fast racers that made for some great racing and second motos were great under the lights. They prepped the entire track during intermission and they also watered the entire track as well. The first set of motos were a little dusty but the track was in prime condition in the 2nd moto. I will have the complete story posted once I have all the photos Uploaded.

I have finally started to get some of the friday Photos uploaded from Little Sunset. I will probably not be able to get all these photos uploaded by the weekend, but I am making every effort to getting them all up. I was shooting with out a flash friday night so when the sun started to go down It got allot more difficult to get good quality photos, But I believe I still got some good ones of allot of the racers. If You do not see photos of you or of the one you were looking for photos of, I apologize but I was not able to get photos of every race, or every moto but I did get allot from most of the heat races.
Thank you all for your support and have a great week.

Kortney's feature battle
Saturday night at Nebraska Raceway park was a beautiful night to race, with no threat of rain Travis Pastrana set to race dirt track and Kenny Bartram pulling a double feature giving the fans a freestyle Demo with Ryan Logan & James Carter. Their high flying freestyle motocross big air tricks right in front of the stands was more than something to talk about it was breath taking for most of the fans here Saturday night, and talk about a front row seat. I-80 Speedway gave everyone in attendance the perfect seats for the show. Ryan Logan & James Carter both riding 250cc 2 stroke motocross bikes would give the crowd a small teaser during intermission, with Kenny bartram also racing Dirt track there just was not enough time during intermission for him to get ready for freestyle then get back to the dirt track.
Veteran Ryan Logan gave the crowd a quick taste of what was to come throwing some sick tracks that had the crowd gasp at times. Then with James Carter, who just started jumping freestyle in November of last year, showed the crowd that he was no beginner. Carter may have less than a year under his belt but from his style and technique he looked like he had been jumping with Bartram and Logan for years. So now they are here in Nebraska giving the crowd what they paid for and more.
With multi time X-Games Gold Mentalist Travis Pastrana and Freestyle legend Kenny the Cowboy Bartram also on hand the crowd was in for a real treat this Saturday night. I mean if you think about it, how often, or how far do you have to travel to see these guys, it's pretty rare to have them come to your home town, let alone get the chance to compete with them on your turf. Well one such battle this weekend included local racer Kortney Kosiski, this 17 year old, driving a Crate Late model would find her way through the qualifiers to the Feature with Travis Pastrana in the same class as Kortney. You have got to think that this 17 year old was super excited that she was pitted with Travis let alone be able to compete with him. I mean just a few short weeks ago we Saw Travis Pastrana <MORE>

This weekend was kicked off with Kart racing at little Sunset Speedway one of the great things about Nebraska Raceway Park in Greenwood Nebraska is that they are host to all the fun this weekend. Starting Friday night with Travis Pastrana here to race cars on Saturday and Sunday night, and Kenny Bartram also racing dirt track he will be performing a Motocross Freestyle demo with, Ryan Logan & James Carter at I-80 Speedway Saturday and Sunday during intermission and after the races. Travis is only here to race cars but Kenny Bartram, Ryan Logan & James Carter will be performing their freestyle demo right in front of the grand stands, you will be so close to them doing their tricks you would feel like you can reach out and touch them. Don't miss the events this weekend.

Friday night Pastrana, Bartram, Logan and Carter came in a day early to try their hand in racing Karts. With the infield packed with racers for Friday nights events, it was like any other night at the races here at Little Sunset, except this time the regulars get to race with their hero, to most of the youth and even the adults Travis and Kenny are more than heroes tonight they are regular guys here to have fun just like every one else. Travis and Kenny embraced their fans with openness and true kindness, and the fans were just as respectful of them.
The riders meeting explained some of the rules and regulations as well as listing the race order for Friday nights events.
In the first practice rain was threatening on canceling tonight's events, and the track had a slight glaze on the surface that made it somewhat difficult for event the track regulars. Being the first time Travis had raced this kind of track with Karts, Travis the true racer took his time and focused on learning the vehicle and track. The vehicles they were driving are the track rentals and are probably not the most highly tuned vehicles on the track, but still <MORE>

From I-80 Speedway, Nebraska Raceway Park.

On Sunday, August 12,  X Games Superstar Kenny "The Cowboy" Bartram will perform his amazing backflips on his motorcycle right in front of the grandstands. Bartram, who is working on making the move to stock car racing, will also be driving the #80 Novice Crate. Joining him will be motocross rider Ryan Logan.

The 29-year-old, also known as “Cowboy,” is a four time gold medalist and the 2005 Dew Action Sports Tour Cup winner.  Bartram also has 57 career IFMA wins to his credit. All of his success has come with some form of payment including 20 broken bones, 7 knocked out teeth, a steel plate in his jaw, and a ruptured blood vessel in his brain.  Bertram has placed each injury in his rear view mirror to win again and again. 
About his nickname, Bertram says it’s more politically correct than “the hick from Oklahoma.” 
“To the mainstream guys from California that drive low riders and listen to rap music, I seem like a cowboy,” said Bertram. 

Advance tickets are only $10 through Friday, August 10th, and are available by calling the track office at 402-342-3453 or at the track on race days.  Tickets after August 10th are only $15 for the event including the exciting action of the Dodge Super Late Models, Certified Transmission Pro Ams, Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Novice Crates.

Before the races, join the fun at the I-80 Speedway Sizzling Summer <MORE>

I am having trouble with my database and at this time I am unable to upload photos to my Photo Store. I am working to get this problem corrected. I still have all the Practice Photos and 1st Moto Photos to upload as well as 15 more good crash photos. Again I am working to get this problem corrected and I will let you know when I have began to upload the photos to the store.

Thank you Randy 10:00pm Tuesday August 7th

Kevin Stroeher Help Feed the "Sweet Dog" (August 7th 2007)

Sweetdog Injury Update – 8/7/07

I’m finally out of the hospital!  For those of you who haven’t heard, I crashed on a small double at Marne on 7/7/07 and crushed my T5 vertebrae, which put pressure on my spinal cord.  I also broke a few ribs.  Originally, I had lost all feeling and movement from the neck down.  I felt so lucky to have Dr. Dan Fliam out on the track to give me an initial diagnosis.  He said, “Kevin, quit being a pussy.  You got the wind knocked out of you.  Get up and walk it off and get back on your bike.”  Boy, was Dr. Fliam wrong!  After a 5 hour surgery and 2 ½ weeks in the hospital, I’m now at home.  I have to wear a plastic shell around my midsection for 8 to 12 weeks.  I stabilize my neck with a brace as well.  I still have nerve damage in the stomach area and down my legs.  Doctors say it may get better, it may not.  I’m just thankful I can walk.  My walking is a little unstable but it seems to slowly get better each day. 

I want to thank everyone for all the support I have received.  The numerous phone calls, visits, and cards has been unbelievable.  It has made the days go by a lot easierknowing everyone is out there pulling for me.  What a great bunch of people in our motocross family!!  A special thanks to Eric Kohl and Randy Toy for making and selling the Sweetdog 85 stickers and to the motorcycle dealers that participated.  A big “Thanks” to all of you that purchased the stickers as well.  I could have a long recovery and this will certainly help.  I’m hoping to get to a race sometime in October to cheer everyone on.  Hope to see you soon and thanks again everyone!

Posted By Kevin Stroeher
Julie, David & Nick
Flyer and Stickers By Erik Kohl


Soaring Edge Raceway turned it up once again, the track stayed in good shape, and they worked the track during intermission, giving the racers tacky conditions the rest of the day. It was still dusty in spots but for the most part with a day like this one, most tracks would be alot worse. With Amsoil and Full Throttle Motorsports this weekends race sponsors. Amsoil was giving a sponsorship to all 1st over all class winners. That is correct, all classes from the PeeWees to the 320+ class is you raced this weekend and took home the first overall in your class you got a sponsorship from Amsoil. And it doesn'tt stop there, even if you missed this weekends race you have a chance to be sponsored by Amsoil. CLICK HERE for more info on how to get your sponsorship from Amsoil. sponsorships from Amsoil were given to all over all winners <MORE SOON>
I will have a full article on this event when all the Photos are uploaded.
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Loretta Lynn's National Motocross Championships Midwest Rider Results
2007 Air Nautiques AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships
July 30 - Aug 4, 2007 • Hurricane Mills, TN

August 1st 2007

The Loretta Naionals are in full force, so if you were wondering how our riders are stacking up, here they all are just click on the riders name and you will get their results. You should visit for all the up to date track, race and results information for all classes and all riders competing this week at Loretta Lynn's.
If I have missed a rider that is from this area please let me know so that I can add them to this list. We must congradulate each and every rider

A Class
B Class
C Class
Vet Class A-B-C
4 Stroke
Super Mini
School Boy

July 30th 2007

A hard rain the night before gave the track crew some work to do this afternoon to prep for this evenings event. With the threat of rain again, an hour before race time the clouds took a turn and cleared up for race time. The track was working into a good surface for racing. The high line looked to be the lane of choice if you wanted to maintain your position. However in one if the qualifiers a heated battle for first resulted in one car on the high line and the other deep to the inside, with a classic motocross move the driver on the inside swept wide pushing wide the current leader steeling the position as well as swapping paint. In my world, the one of Motocross and Motorcycle racing this is a normal thing and rubbing is racing. Neither driver seemed to have lost control and neither were going to back off, so naturally only one of them would get the job done. It turned out the winner was docked 2 positions for rough racing. And the heat win went to the second place driver.
"Cowboy" Kenny Bartram really stepped up to the plate tonight and showed that he was not afraid to mix it up with the regulars. Kenny qualified for the feature near the back of the pack, but he qualified. By the second lap Kenny was pushing hard riding the <More>

You may or may not have seen today's Omaha World Herald, so if you missed it click on the image to the left and you can read the article. Cowboy Kenny Bartram will be racing at I-80 this weekend in a Dirt Track race car. If you recall several weeks ago, I was on hand to take photos for Kenny at I-80 speedway Nebraska Raceway Park. Ed Kosiki had loaned "Cowboy" Kenny one of his rides and at the same time got some lessons from Kenny Edwards. It all leads up to this weekend as it will a great time to watch the "Cowboy" race dirt track. So Sunday at I-80 Speedway Nebraska raceway Park, even if your not a fan of dirt track, you will be after rooting for one of your favorite freestyle motocrosser, so you need to go, you must go, you simply can not miss this.
You might recognize the name listed just below the photo in today's paper, that's correct the photo you see at the bottom of the article is a photo I took a few weeks ago of Kenny. Well everyone don't miss the action this weekend, it will fe full of excitement.

It was HOT!!!HOT!!!HOT!!! Sunday, and the race action was just as HOT. In virtually every class there was a battle from first to last and there were some really great races. With the heat boiling over 90 the track was suffering by the time the ATV's hit the track. After that it was tough for any one other than 1st to see further than their front fender. It's tough for any track to survive a day like this. But all in all Fox Run had a decent turn out considering the Ponca Nationals were also running the same weekend. I have several thousand photos to process from sunday so I am still hoping I can get them all uploaded by late Thursday evening. Please be patient as I am working as late in the evening as I can. I have several of the practices and 1 or 2 of the first races already uploaded so check them out.
Chase McGrath was on cruise control all weekend taking the holeshot in every moto and in dominating faction lead every lap from start to finish. At one point I herd some spectators speaking with each other and one of them said "He makes it look so easy" I smiled and thought to my self. "He sure does!" Chase went 4 for 4 on the weekend. Great racing Chase.
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I have 3,341 photos to sort through from Saturday at Pine Hill MX. Of those I will be uploading 2000 to 2500 of them. Saturday was abut as good as you can get for July. The weather stayed under 90 and there was virtually no wind. Denny Stephenson showed up to get some track time before Loretta's this coming weekend. Also in attendance we had Chris Hunter, team manager for Tuf Racing the 2006-2007 Arenacross National Championship team was there only as a spectator. We also had Tony Wenck from Pit Pass Radio, though Tony took a few blazing fast laps, he was not there to race either. If you have not herd of Pit Pass Radio you are missing out, for more info abut this radio show go to or click on the link to their website on the right side of this page.
Other good news includes the "Sweet Dog" Fund Raiser, so far this weekend we raised $525.00 this weekend to go to Kevin and Family.
There was 450.00 raised at Pine Hill MX and 75.00 Raised at Fox Run in Friend on sunday. We would like to thank every one who donated.If you missed on the donation it's not too late. The stickers are available at PowerSportsPro, DNS Offroad, Gretna Cycle & Atv,Paul's Yamaha, EK designs and more locations are soon to follow. If you have a location you would like to have these stickers and flyer displayed please let us know. The more support we have the more all of us can help the Stroeher family. Email your location submission to
These Stickers are $5.00 and 100% of that amount will go to "Feed The Sweet Dog". If you can not make it to one of these locations you can mail a self addressed, stamped envelope to with postage to:
EK Signs
2334 s. 124st.
Omaha, Ne 68144

P.S. I will hopefully get all the Photos from Pine Hill Up by tomorrow evening. I will try to get all the photos from Sunday at Fox Run in Friend, Ne by Thursday.
thank you every one for all your patientce.
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Friday July 20th
I have the photos posted from Friday night. It was another great weekend for racing and there is alot more. OmahaBMX is asking for help. Dave is looking on a job that will make it impossible for him to make it to the tracks before the events If he takes this job they will ned help to prep the track before the races. Dave will still be able to make it to the races just not in time to get the track ready for you the racers. He is asking for some of you to step up and volunteer your help. Even if he could get a groun pf you that are willing to help that would be willing to share the duties and take a weekend each. Please if any one is willing to help contact Dave, you can do that by visit ing his website
They also have races on Saturday. Mt Cresent BMX also Has a Race on Saturday. So if you are looking for some great racing this weekend is full of places to race.
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C-Ya at the races
Randy Toy

GO TO THE RACES This weekend (July 18th 2007)

RACE WEEKEND!!! Triple Header Starting Friday July 20th

FRIDAY!! OmahaBMX (Hefflinger Park Omaha)
What better way to start the weekend of racing, yes why not get your work out the old fashioned way, ride a BMX bike. You train at the gym and you ride a bike and literally get no where. Load your bike up and go RACE!!! you have no idea how much fun it really is. I am telling you you don't need to be the fastest guy on the track to have fun. You just need to be there. Last Friday there were several first time racers at the OmahaBMX track and one of them even one his main event. Dave and his wife, "the guy who runs the track" race the events as well as run the event. You really need to go and see what all the hype is all about. Go to their website If you want to see some photos of the track CLICK HERE

SATURDAY!!! PineHill MX (Marne, Ia)
I know it's hot and nasty right now, but stick it out this weekend is looking to be awesome. SO those of you who have been hiding in the house and trying to stay away from the nasty humid heat. WELL this is your weekend. Saturday PineHill MX in Marne Iowa will be running their night race. I must say if you have ever thought of racing at Marne DO IT!!!! They have really done tremendous work on the track and have really given 150% into making their track more than ready for the races. The dirt is tacky and stays that way. Also if you are an A rider, they have been having really decent turn out in the A class gates so It would be a blast to have a few more. ANd we all know you need to get ready for Loretta Lynn's so here is a great chance to get some track time. PineHill MX Saturday Sign in is 2:30-4:00pm Riders Meeting starts at  4:15pm, Practice Starts 4:30pm, Race Starts at 5:30pm So Be there. For more info go to their website and if you want to see some photos of the track CLICK HERE

SUNDAY!!! Fox Run (Friend, Ne)
Well that is right its a triple header, get your gear on and go racing. Fox Run Sunday Gates open at 8:00 am, Practice starts at 9:30 am, Racing starts at 11:00 am
Cost: $35 / Series Fee or $5 day pass, $30 / All Pro Classes , $25 All Amateur Classes visit their website for more info

Posted By Randy Toy

Ricky Draper Update (July 16th 2007)

Ricky Draper Update (July 18th 2007)

Just a quick note out to the racing world concerning Ricky's progress. I can't tell you how much all the calls and e mails have meant to Ricky and our entire family. This is the first summer since he started racing (12 years) that he hasn't been able to get on the bike and it has really been eating at him.
The post-surgery check-ups have all gone well and now he has started physical therapy. The screws have held the humerus intact as we had hoped and now it's just a waiting game. We're looking at mid-August to return to the practice track.Ricky will be attending Loretta Lynn's and Millville to cheer on his teammate Mikey Weese as well as other buddies. When he gets back he ought to be pretty pumped! We are planning on running a good portion of the National Arenacross series this season, teaming with Weese for the 2007-08 tour. That's all for now, see you at the races!

Posted By Matt Draper

Kevin Stroeher recently under went surgery to repair broken vertibre in his back. Kevin is in good spirits and really appreciates all the support he has been given. Erik Kohl of EK Designs has issued a sticker fund raiser to help support Kevin and family. Erik will donate100% of the money raised to the Stroeher family. He has designed and made these support stickers specifically to support Kevin in his new race. We now have Confirmed locations in Omaha and surrounding area where these stickers can be purchased. The stickers are available at DNS Offroad, Gretna Cycle & Atv, Paul's Yamaha, EK designs and more locations are soon to follow. If you have a location you would like to have these stickers and flyer displayed please let us know. The more support we have the more all of us can help the Stroeher family. Email your location submission to
These Stickers are $5.00 and 100% of that amount will go to "Feed The Sweet Dog". If you can not make it to one of these locations you can mail a self addressed, stamped envelope to with postage to:
EK Signs
2334 s. 124st.
Omaha, Ne 68144

Please Cash or Check only!

Posted By Randy Toy
Flyer and Stickers By Erik Kohl

Friday July 13th
There were a few first time racers here tonight and several of these first time racers did extremly well in their races, they were as young as 7 years old I believe and as old as 35+. Mothers, Brothers, Cousins, Sisters, Friends, Dads and Uncles and every one else was racing tonight. I have alot of images to Process and I will be attending the Luis Palau Heartland Festival tomorrow, so I am not sure weather or not I will have all the photos processed until late Sunday. I will post here when I have them all Processed and uploaded. It was a great day for racing and It was great talking to everyone.
Also those of you that are now hooked and want more, Sunday is a Red Cup Qualifier at the Tri-CityBMX Track Visit their website for More info
They also have races on saturday. Mt Cresent BMX also Has a Race on Saturday. So if you are looking for some great racing this weekend is full of places to race.

C-Ya at the races
Randy Toy

Luis Palau Heartland Festival Quest Center Omaha (July 14-15th 2007)

This weekend at the Quest Center Omaha for the heartland festival there is allot more going on than you migh think. For example there will be a Freestyle motocross demonstration with Jaw-dropping freestyle motocross stunts by action sports star Kyle Loza, along with Destin Cantrell, Justin Newman, and others.." Witness the power combination of suspense, thrill, and danger exploding from one talented package. While friends don’t let friends try this at home, friends do take friends to watch the pros do it live.Come check out these stunts by Riders for Christ athletes Kyle Loza, Destin Cantrell, and Justin Newman. Your adrenaline rush will thank you." From Heartland Festival Website
As well as Freestyle Motocross World-class BMX ridingstreet-style skateboarding … actor Stephen Baldwin’s powerful life story. The Livin It tour has been traveling the country for the past three years, and will park in Omaha on July 14 and 15 for a show unlike anything you’ve seen. All free. No ticket required. Don’t miss it.
Visit their website for more info Click Here

Kevin Stroeher Update (July 12th 2007)

Kevin Stroeher Update Thurday July 12th:

After surgery and all went as well as expected.  They used part of a femur from the MX bone bank (Kevin joked) to form a new vertebrae bone, one got crushed.  They relieved pressure off the spinal cord, and placed a small rod and 10 screws for support.  Kevin said getting the pressure off made him noticable more comfortable. The best news is that he is not expected to lose any sensations to his legs and arms.  He also earned bragging rights due to a large cut on his back.   Julie said his tongue is sore and a little swollen.  With full respect towards Julie, I asked, "was it from starring at all of the nurses"!  She laughinly confirmed, it was from the breathing apparatus. He will probally be in the hopital a week with a dusty trail full of support ahead.
Kevin really appreciates having such great family and friends to share the love and support for SWEETDOG 85.

Posted By Neal Kerkhof

Kevin Stroeher Pine Hill MX (July 11th 2007)

Kevin Stroeher Saturday July 8th In Practice:

Kevin Sroeher aka (Sweetdog "06" District 22 and Win Mx Vet Champ) has been racing really well latley and this weekend he started the day off with hopes of winning another race. Kevin had a rough get off in practice on Saturday resulting in a serius back injury.  Kevin First went to Atlanic hospital and and was released Sunday thinking it was a fairly minor spinal stinger and broken ribs. When the family got home they called their family doctor and went to emergeny room where they confirmed a broken vertibre. He had surgery last night to relieve preasure and bone fragments from the spinal cord. Doctors were telling Julie things were going well.  I will post an update as I hear more about Kevins condition. Kevin, Julie, David, Nick, and family really appreciate all of prayers and support the MX Community has already shown.  He is currently in Methodist hospital, where he will remain be for a few days.

Posted By Neal Kerkhof

That is right all the Photos are uploaded from Saturday. There are about 1300 Photos from all classes and Practices. I only captured the first moto from each class. But there were allot of great shots of every rider at the races this weekend. I do have a FREE Digital download from My "Got Roost" Series of photos. The photo is FREE For digital download. I have a tall version and a wide version available for download.
You may not know how to use my photo store yet so if you have never visited my store I will say it is a great benefit to you if you sign up for the FREE account. The advantage is once you sign up for the FREE account you can customize your account and save all your Favorite photos in your "Trophy Wall" you can make multiple Trophy Walls and title them how ever you please. SO every time you come back to view your photos you don't have to search though thousands of photos.

HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!Yes it was hot, it was a scorching 98 today with an 80% humidity factor. But that didn't stop several hundred racers from racing this weekend at Pine Hill MX in Marne, Iowa. Even though it was hot there was a breeze that was just enough to take the edge off. There were 40 great motos of racing and allot of the great racing was due to some unbelievable conditions, I'm speaking about the dirt. WIth the sun shining bright and the heat blazing down, and a small breeze one would think by the 12 to 15th race it would be a dust bowl. Well it was far from that. The dirt stayed <More>

Kenny Bartram Driving Dirt Track

Will Nielsen of Nielsen Productions was running the Video camera to capture Kenny "Cowboy" Bartram's first time in a Dirt Track car. The former World Freeride Association (WFA) Freestyle MX Champion was in Omaha this week on an invite to come and drive dirt track at Nebraska Raceway Park "I-80Speedway" on their 4/10ths mile dirt track. He was taking instructions from Kenny Edwards, younger brother of Nascar's Carl Edwards. The Edwards Crew was on hand taking their practice laps in preparation of the coming event on July 22nd at Nebraska Raceway Park (Carl Edwards Night). Kenny Bartram was impressing the professionals with his ability to drive a car. After a few short laps Bartram was putting in some really fast lap times. More than the lap times was his overall control of the car. I had asked Edwards how he though kenny was doing and where he needed to improve. Edwards said " He has great exit speed and control, but he needs to work on his entrance to his corners. But all in all for only having less than 15 laps ever in a car like this, with the way he is driving he could hold his own in the night race."
Make Sure to visit Will Nielsen's website for Full service video production, his company is serving Omaha and the entire United States. Nielsen Productions is creative and professional to provide you or your company a variety of choices and packages to fit all of your video production needs. Nielsen Productions for all your Video needs. <More>

Sunday June 24th
Sunday was kicked off at 10 am with Practice for the Friday Makeup Double points race. Most of the racers racing the morning race were also going to race the Redcup Qualifier later in the day. So the normal intence battles in some of the classes were backed down a notch by the riders to concerve energy for the Redline Qualifier. Dean Bush was onhand for practice, but he was not there to race today, but he still showed every one that he still means buisness, he tackled the Pro-Section with relitave ease clearing both doubles before any of the other riders had a chance. Allgood was definatly puting the best style into the jumps, and there were some others who were also clearing both doubles by the end of practice. Click Here to see all the Photos of these guys hitting the Doubles.

Visit for all your class results. Congradulations to all of this weekends Qualifiers and good luck in the nationals.

Click Here to View All The Friday Make Up Race Photos (Not Completly Uploaded Yet)

Click Here to View All The Redline Cup Qualifier Race Photos (Not Completly Uploaded Yet)

C-Ya at the races
Randy Toy

Saturday June 23nd
What better way to spend a beautifull saturday afternoon than to spend it with family and friends. An event like this always starts with the people who make this happen. I am fairly new to the OmahaBMX and MountCresent BMX races, but it doesnt take long to fall in love with the whole experience. I go back to what I started to say about where it all starts, and when you have some one that takes part in the events as well as cordinating the events, someone that enjoys the people and the sport that he dedicates alot of his time to, and some one who is just good to be around. Well for give me if I can't remember his name but I have him featured in the photo to the right. Well thank you for puting on such a great event. I look forward to attending tomorrows event the OmahaBMX - Redline Cup Qualifier - Triple Point's race.
Signup starts at 10:00 am. And remember tomorrow is also the makeup race from friday's rain out.

Tonight we had some great racing action and a couple crashes, to see photos of these crashes you can go to this events photos by clicking on the links above or the images on the left. Rememer to thank your track officials for helping put on this event for you, alot of work and money go into these races and it's because of them we all are able to have a great time. Thank you for inviting me back to attend your event.

C-Ya at the races
Randy Toy


Friday June 22nd (Re-Scheduled for Sunday)
The weather stopped all the action this evening, but it did not stop my camera from taking a few shots. Granted I didn't get any photos of the racers in action but I did manage to get a few canded shots while everyone was waiting to see weather or not the race would continue. At about 5:30 the rain just dumpd down on the OmahaBMX course in Hefflinger Park Omaha, NE about 110th just south of maple.
Even though the race was canceled they had a great turn out for a rain event, as every one mingled and talked about the coming weekend, the kids were ready to rock and roll. It it was not so much work to repair the track after a mud race I think the kids would have loved to get a little muddy.
Some of the areas finest were on hand ready to race. Jim Milroy, local professional Superbike Racer was there to try and best last weeks second place finish. In one of the premier classes. Then there was Dean Bush. Dean has been nationally ranked in BMX and has the speed to really make a run for the win where ever he races.

US Mini Road Race By
Great racing all day long at round 5 of the USMRR series. Sunny skies and a light breeze greeted the riders.
The F1 one class was a battle all day with lap times dropping throughout the day as competitors upped their pace to run up front. The first heat saw points leader Nate Lentz (rs50) take the victory, while Kinzer Naylor (xr50) took the victory in heat #2.The main looked to be a great race between the top three racers, but it was young Harry Prentice (Husqvarna 50 )in his <More>

Loretta Lynn's Central Regional Qualifier Photos at The Farm MX CLICK HERE
All the photos from The Farm MX Regional Qualifier are from Saturday 6-16-07

This is it race fans, this was the last stop before the 2007 Loretta Lynn's AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships and those with the results from all the qualifiers will be attending the National Motocross Championships that will be held on July 30 through August 4, 2007 in Hurricane Mills, TN.
This is where the best of the best in amateur racing were at this weekend. With out a doubt there were some really fast lap times this weekend, these lap times can be viewed at
With the level of talent this weekend, if you were not on top of your game, you would not be heading to Loretta's in late July. With this in mind loretta's is the one race you need to make your mark and stand out for potential and future sponsors, so if you fail to qualify you'll miss your chance to show what your made of and draw that big ride we all dream of landing.
Some riders just stand out from the crowd and rise to the occasion, putting in one solid ride after another, one such racer this weekend really stepped up his game and showed everyone that he means business. Ronnie Morgan backed by Storm Lake Honda, Smith Optics, Hotcams, Hotrods, Pivot Works, K&N Filters, Fly Racing, One Helmets, P.B. Worx Suspension, Hickman Racing, Atomic 22, Decal Works, FMF, made the move to the A class this year and has been working week in and week out putting out the effort, and on Saturday June 16th Ronnie had one solid moto after another finishing 6th in the MX A Pro-Sport Class moto 1. Then in the Four Stroke Class, Morgan from Des-Moines rocketed from a 3rd place start to a hard fought 1st place, followed by Bryan Martinelli from Bloomsdale, Mo and James Larson out of Andover, Mn.
But Ronnie Morgan really showed what he was made of by winning the MX Lites A Div 1 race. It was a heated battle from start to finish, with the woop section the last thing standing between Morgan and the MX Lites A class win, Ronnie already leading the race was closely followed by second place runner Steven Clark of Cairo, Ga. Ronnie attacked the woop's as he had all day and extended his lead taking the Checkered flag.
So who are the top contenders from the central region, we have alot of fast racers coming from this region this year so the rest of the USA better watch out because Mike Weese, Ronnie Morgan, Kyle Corman, Vince Friese, Erik Boyle, Alex Martin, Patric Boyle, Devin Reed, Brandon Miller, Colin Hickman, Denny Stephenson, Jeramine Duncan, Cody Agler, Steven Clark, Spencer Dally are a threat to be reckoned with. With these top riders the list goes on, so if you have not herd of these guys chances are you will be hearing allot more about some of them come the end of July.

Loretta Lynn's Central Regional Qualifier Photos at The Farm MX CLICK HERE

Also View Photos from "The Farm MX" 4-Corners Region NMA Qualifier - Indianola, IA May (12-13th, 07)
View Photos from " The Farm MX Pro-AM Day 1 Photos from June (2nd, 07)

This weekend is the Loretta Lynn's Central Regional Qualifier at The Farm MX
Starting Friday June 15th with practice and race Saturday the 16th & Sunday June 17th

This is it race fans this is the last stop before the 2007 Loretta Lynn's AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships and those with the results from all the qualifiers will be attending the National Motocross Championships that will be held on July 30 through August 4, 2007 in Hurricane Mills, TN, so those North Central Amateur Regional qualifiers are in for a great weekend of racing once again. The Famr MX has been known for their great track and awsome facility, yes they even have showers, and a swiming hole. You can see some photos of the swiming hole just Click Here

The North Central Amateur Regional has been selected by MX Sports and Trackside to be scored with Trackside Transponders. 

Rider responsibility:

Each racer to have his/her own Trackside Transponder.
Transponders will be available on Thursday, June 14th, 2007at The Trackside trailer.
Transponders will be required at the cost of $100 initial deposit, $70 returned when transponder is returned.
All racers are required to provide a transponder id number at registration along with the bike's VIN#.

Trackside Software will:
·         Record practice lap times and score all motos with transponders|
·         Distribute all transponders from our concession trailer collecting $100 cash deposit
·         Collect transponders returned at event and return $70 deposit
·         Distribute lap times and results to racers from each moto and practice
·         Provide live feed of real time results to Announcer PC and TV in pit area
·         Post results and lap times to

For more nformation visit
For Gate & Camping Fees Click here  

This weekends Schedule at The Farm MX.
June 15 - AMA Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier Practice Day (Only qualified riders allowed)
June 16 - AMA Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier - Day 1
June 17 - AMA Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier - Day 2

View Photos from "The Farm MX" 4-Corners Region NMA Qualifier - Indianola, IA May (12-13th, 07)
View Photos from " The Farm MX Pro-AM Day 1 Photos from June (2nd, 07)

Click On Banner

2007 Soaring Edge Motocross Park Schedule Click Here for Current Flyer

Six semi loads of wood chips have been incorporated into the track to ensure a fantastic race surface for the weekend!!! After an inch and a half of rain hammered the area the night before, we spent more time cleaning up the parking lot than the track at our last event!  Whoops rebuilt, Finish Line table top doubled in width, jumps refaced, no major changes just a couple of new twist. (More)

For More Info Visit Soaring Edge Raceway Park at
For Photos from Soaring Edge Races this season Click Here June 3rd 2007 and May 27th 2007.

Pinehill MX Season Opener in Marne Iowa CLICK HERE For Photos

Pinehill Mx in Marne Iowa had their first race this season, with the weather holding with clear skys and about 81 for the temp. The track was preped, watered and ready to race. First race of the evening was the 125 B Class, also known as the Lites class. THis is a highly competitive class no matter where you go, and this evening was no diferent. With a sweeping right, the pack aproches the first jump still leaning from the turn, and with the speed these riders were running, a crash was virtually inevitable. Well I just happened to be right there when the first crash of the evening took place. If you Click Here you can see how many riders were taking dirt samples. There were some great races this weekend and if you missed the action, you really missed out on a great day of racing.
Click Here to view all the photos from Saturday Night at Pinehill MX.

BMX Race Photos at Hefflinger Park Omaha, Ne CLICK HERE

If you are in to racing, then you are also probably in to more than just motocross. Well in Omaha this evening at Hefflinger park, at about 110th just north of Maple is a great BMX track. This track is Operated and Maintained by the same guy that Runs the BMX Racetrack in Mt Crescent Iowa. His track in Iowa has had some pretty bad damage lately, due to all of the rain we have had in the past 4 or 5 weeks, so he is looking for some help. If you would like to help him get the track ready for tomorrows race at Mount Crescent BMX - 6 to 7 PM then contact him through

Tonight's race was great, they had a great turnout and the track was in great shape, and this made for some great racing. I did get about 400 or 500 good photos from today's event. CLICK HERE to view all the photos from the Friday night races at Hefflinger park on Omaha Nebraska.
Also make sure to visit if you are a BMX Fan and would like to do some racing this year. This is a great bunch of people running these races, and you might even know some of the racers. Juts remember allot of the best Motocrossers currently ride, race or have raced BMX at one point, because it's fun and most of all to keep in shape. 2 Weeks from now on June 22 through the 24th OmahaBMX is host to the Redline Cup Qualifier - Triple Points race. Again for more information about BMX Racing in the Omaha Area visit

Coming Event Information
Day Date Event Time Fee
Friday June 22nd OmahaBMX - RLQ Double Point Pre-Race 6 to 7:30 PM $20
Saturday June 23rd Mount Crescent BMX - IA State Championship Race - Double Point 10 to 11 AM $20
Saturday June 23rd OmahaBMX - NE State Championship Race - Double Point 6 to 7:30 PM $20
Sunday June 24th OmahaBMX - Redline Cup Qualifier - Triple Point 10 to 11:30 AM $30

I should have all the photos from this weekend up by Tuesday night so please Check back regularly to view all the photos from this weekend.
If you are viewing photos in the evening My website might run a little slow as I am uploading close to 4000 images, when I am uploading it does slow my website
down allot. Just so you know.
To view photos Click on Event Photos and click on the event you wish to view.

Thanks everyone and have a good week......

Soaring Edge Raceway Park is host to the Ponca NMA 4-Corners Qualifier


Soaring Edge Raceway was hit with rain Saturday night, and upon arrival you would assume that it would be a mud hole, but The Soaring Edge Crew and mother nature really helped track conditions. As the sun started to shine and a small breeze swept in, by the end of practice the track was more than suitable for having a race. Soaring edge is really stepping up their program. During the riders meeting, every one was told that if you race and you finish in the top 7 spots you will get a trophy! NO MATTER HOW MANY ARE IN YOUR CLASS! Normally tracks trophy 33%, not Soaring Edge they wanted to make sure that every one had a chance to take home a trophy. Also they have Drawings during intermission to give away prizes from a Race 1 time for Free pass, 1 Practice for Free pass, T-Shirts and more. On top of all that they have a podium, that is a hit with everyone.
Soaring Edge is really trying to give something that no other track is, or has done. They truly are working hard to supply you, the racer with a quality racing experience. Their track is getting much better, as they have mixed some sand and wood chips in to help conditions, and this weekend it paid off. With all the rain they had, it looked almost like it would be a rain out, but the track held up and really stayed tacky the entire day.

4-Corners Region National Qualifier

Sunday June 3rd Soaring Edge Motocross is holding it's 2nd of 8 events this summer.
We will be hosting the 4-Corners Region National Qualifier for Ponca City Nationals and the final leg of the 2007 NMA CUP SERIES.
You do not have to have an NMA license to race!!!*** All riders can participate in the event. Run your class and show your metal with some of the best riders in the region!!!
Sunday the Checkered Flag Bar and Grill will be open for Breakfast made to order, open at 8:30.

The Farm MX and the AMA Pro-AM points (June 1st -3rd)


You can not miss this one, The Farm MX is host to the IMA Iowa Pro-AM Points event. If you are not familiar with the Pro-Am series then you need to be, mainly because if you want to turn pro, as an amateur you need to get points, and the only way to get national points that count toward getting your pro license is to race pro-am events. This event will bring the fastest guys from all over, so where do you stack up? DO you want to possibly see the next supercross/ motocross star. Well an event like this has the potentional to bring the best of the best in all classes. So if you plan on racing bring your best and be positive. Win or loose this weekend, if you don't have the ability to travel 15 to 20 hours or more every weekend to compete at the top level, or even watch an event like this. Well here is you chance, it's only 2 hours from Omaha, so make the trip....
Here is some information from

   Come join us for our biggest event yet,
The IMA Iowa Pro-AM!
- $15,000 purse for this weekend
- Friday, Practice 10:00am-4:00pm
- Saturday, Win MX Series Race
- Sunday, Win MX Series Race, AMA Pro-AM points, Kawasaki Contingency
*Bonus payout for combined overall
Saturday-Sunday results in the 125A & 250A classes

This weekends Schedule at The Farm MX.
June 1 - Practice Day
June 2 - Win MX Series RD#7 D22
June 3 - Win MX Series Rd#8, (AMA Pro-AM points) D22, Kawasaki Contingency

Soaring Edge Raceway Photos from the Heartland MX Series Round 4 (5-27-07)

I will work on getting the photos from Soaring Edge Raceway in Greenwood, Nebraska up by later this evening. There are alot of photos so I might not be able to get them all up by this evening. So make if you dont see your photos please be sure to check back tomorrow.

Also by request I was asked to let you know that the photos you see here online look ALOT BETTER when printed. SOme one came up to me and said. "Yeah they look good online but when they are actually printed out the quality is unbelievable. So you need to let everyone know that your photos are great online, but when they are printed they are unbelievable."
And that takes me to the next suggestion.

Using the Photo Store.....
The Prices listed directly under the Photo are DIGITAL PRICES the first price is $3.99 - That price is for a Digital Image that is 1200 x 1024 Digital Pixels in size. The next price is $0.99 that price is for a Digital image that is 800 x 600 Digital Pixels in size.
If you want to order a Printed Version click on the drop down and it will list all the available sizes for print. Please allow 5 to 7 working days for Pints larger that 8 x 10. For all Prints smaller 8 x 10 and smaller allow 3 to 5 working days.

Interview By: Randy Toy 5-22-07

"Happy Again"
With a nick name to suit Cody Gilmore has stayed true to his name through out the last 9 months with the word "Happy" stamped on the back of his pants, through all he has been through Cody has always kept focused on the bigger picture, On and off the track Cody is a class act and is a positive role model for everyone. As most of you may already know Cody Gilmore was on his way to reaching the highest level of Arenacross, Supercross and Motocross. Following the rookie of the year nomination in Arenacross 2004/2005 Season, Cody was well on the way to starting the a championship 2005/2006 Season, November 4th-6th 2005 in DesMoins, Ia, Cody Gilmore took a 6th Place overall Finish in the 450 Class on Friday, then following it up Saturday Night with another 6th Place Finish in the 450 Main, then to top it off he won the Lites Class main event. This was just the start of a great season, Cody was well on his way to capturing the Lites Class title, with win after win, week after week, and also was having solid top 10 finishes in the 450 Class every weekend. Near the halfway point Cody injured his wrist at one of the rounds, so he decided to sit the rest of the season out and get ready for the AMA Outdoor Nationals. Cody was released to ride by his doctor in early August, though he was excited to get back on a bike, ultimately he decided to wait until after the Loretta National Amateur MX <MORE>

US Mini Road Race,Round 3 Race Report

The unlimited class looked to be a good race with a nice variety of bikes in the field including 2 RS125's, 2 KX65's, a Husqvarna 510 and an EX250. Brian Naylor got the hole shot into the lead for the first 3 laps, setting his best time of the day (43.7 sec) on lap 3. Matt Mathers chipped away at the lead and took over the top spot with a pass going into turn 4 and never looked back. He set the fastest of the day (43.26 sec) in en route to his victory. <More>

 Results from AMA Motocross Round 1 Sacramento CA (5-20-07)

Photo by Simon Cudby
 Results from AMA Motocross Round 1 - Sacramento CA - May 20

Raerx Illustrated  
May 19, 2007  
Hangtown Lites Drama

In the second Lites practice today at Hangtown, Jason Lawrence and Ryan Villopoto had a scuffle following a few laps of block-passes and hand gestures. The AMA handed down a fine of $7,500 to Lawrence, along with a probation period, and 40th gate pick for tomorrow's race. Ryan Villopoto was fined $2,500 for the actions of his team. Look for an AMA press release shortly." From RacerXIll

So the next Question remains, who won the race? Well Carmichael ran second in the first moto, then won the second so he finished the day with a First place overall.
I would think this should put an exclamation point on his career, shoot he misses half the Supercross season, then goes to another sport and begins another career, then decides to race the first 5 rounds of the AMA national outdoor series. Then he goes to the first round and WIN'S!!!
Ok so I am sure there are people out there that would say come on, I want someone else to Win! Well from the results from this weekend at Sacramento for round 1, your just going to have to wait. Carmichael even though retired still has it in him to be fast enough to win. Me Personally I could not be happier, I absolutely love to watch him race.
So to all you young kids that want to be just like Carmichael, you should know that even though he has not been racing the past few months, he has been training every bit as hard as he ever has. To be like Carmichael you need to really apply your self, and still find a way to enjoy it. Take it from me, I have really only been taking Photos since November of last year.
I will admit that my photos are not the best in the industry, but I am getting better and better at it every weekend because I am really trying, for me this is tough, with a full time job and a passion for the sport, this is something new for me and I really need to work at it. So now that I have effectively gone from Carmichael's win to me taking photos, all in one breath and switched subjects so quick, I think I need to point out the fact, that this is the same thing for just about everything we do. You have got to put out the effort, and you need some one to look up to, alot of you will pick someone like Carmichael or Stewart or some one else in the pros, well they were once in the exact same place you are right now. So you might have finished last place this weekend, but that doesn't matter, if you really really did the best you could, then you probably did better than more than half the racers out there. So in my book you were not in last place, if you did your personal best, and put out 110%, in my book that is as good as first when it comes to accomplishing something...... So Carmichael knows what he wants and obviously he put in his personal best, well for him, this weekend it was a win. I am excited he won and I can not wait to see what will happen in the next 4 events, will he will them all, then call it the end of his season? I guess we well have to wait until next weekend to see if round 2 will find Ricky Carmichael on top of the podium.
For now here are the results from  Results from AMA Motocross Round 1 - Sacramento CA - May 20 2007.......

450 Motocross Results 250 Lites Motocross Results



Click here to View Photos from Riverside Raceway in Winterset Iowa 5-20-07

I am working on getting all the photos from Riverside Raceway Up, I do have some uploaded already, but not all of them.
Please check back Later this evening or tomorrow to view the rest of the photos. I also wanted to thank everyone for letting me know how much you appreciate my website. It really means allot to me. I love this sport and have raced or been involved in motorcycle racing for more than 33 years, and even though I am not racing I am enjoying the time I spend at the tracks with everyone, and I love taking photos and writing articles about these events.
I would like to also thank a couple kids for coming up to me this weekend with enthusiasm, asking me to Autograph some photos I took of them riding. Thank you guys. Hopefully that was as cool for you as it was for me.
Have you Ever Seen a bruise like this one. This rider Crashed at Winterset in practice on Saturday and he said "My ass is "Thor" and from the looks of that bruise it will be for some time. I have finally uploaded all the images from Winterset so go check them out.
Click Here to View the photos.


Round 4 at Whitesands Raceway in Ashland Nebraska had great weather for the second time this year, and the dirt was awesome as usual. Out of Respect to Paul Bellinger I took the photos from track side. Even though Paul was not on hand to take photos for the races I still respected his position with Whitesands Raceway.
So the races go on and who came to compete, it's been sometime since he has made his way to competition and he did not disappoint. Adam Daniel's took top honors in all the classes he entered, however Jake Matter gave Adam a run for his money in the second moto, taking the wholeshot and actually put some distance on adam in a few sections, but late in the 3rd lap Matter was overtaken by Daniel's in the corner at the end of the rhythm section. The rest is history.
Well to everyone that was there It was a great time and I hope you like some of the photos I took. Granted this is only the second time I have used this camera so they could be better but all in all I did get some good shots of every rider. There are about 1000 photos to brouse through. I have only separated them by bike size so keep looking, I tried to make sure I got pictures of every racer. If I missed you some how I am sorry.
I have All Big Bikes - All Mini Bikes - All ATV's - Almost Crash Photos.

If you are looking through the photos you need to look in the All ATV photos, because the rider Raven Moon Girgan received her first trophy this evening and I was happy to get some pictures of this for her and her family, after all that is why I am there. This sport is so much more than just a race, it's something the kids need and a place where strangers can become apart of the family. I am honored to be apart of Ravens first trophy, congratulations Raven, you raced a great race. Click Here to view Raven's Profile

Thank you.
Randy Toy

Press release from

MX Sports Revises Pro Sport Class Eligibility Rules for the 2007 Air Nautiques/AMA Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s

The 2007 AMA Amateur Supplemental Rules state that riders who earned professional points or a professional national number in motocross or supercross for the current or previous year are not eligible to compete in the national program. That rule was published after the riders competed in those pro races, however, so the riders were not aware that they were sacrificing their eligibility when they competed in the events. The revised supplemental rules reestablish amateur eligibility for riders that competed in a pro race in 2006 only, not those that competed in AMA professional supercross or motocross events in 2007.

“It came to our attention that several amateur prospects raced a few pro nationals late last summer, and they were losing their eligibility without prior knowledge,” said MX Sports Director, Tim Cotter. “At the time that these riders competed, the 2007 rule had not been posted yet. We will make this rule retroactive to the previous year only. <MORE>

Loretta Qualifier Results ( 5-9-07)
Loretta Lynn's AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships Qualifier Results

Well if your wondering who is already qualified for the regionals, MX Sports is your qualifier results headquarters. Plus if you have not qualified yet and need to find a track that still has a area qualifier then MX Sports is also your place. The 2007 Loretta Lynn's AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships will be held on July 30 - August 4, 2007 in Hurricane Mills, TN. Click here for a complete list of classes.
Select a region:

Northeast Southeast Mid-East
North Central South Central Northwest Southwest

By: Matt Draper 5-17-07

Randy, thanks for everything you're doing to help Ricky out. To think how much time, effort, and money you pour into this site and then you want to sponsor a donation drive to boot. To be sure, your heart is bigger than your brain! I am especially thankful for the respect given to waiting to post the crash pics. At first, I wasn't too keen on that, but Ricky said he didn't mind. And thanks to Travis Hodges for calling while we were in the ER. It's great that a fellow competitor had the class to call even though he felt bad about the whole deal. "Ricky feels very strongly that he hit Hodgy, not the other way around as some have reported. " People will run their mouths but Ricky and I know that Travis is the cleanest, most professional racer on the planet."
The absolute latest on Ricky's condition: His left humerus (upper arm) was broken just below the ball/shoulder socket, through the growth plate and was within 10mm of being a compound break (through the skin). The surgery went well. After the bone was realigned, three screws were needed to ensure stability. These screws will be permanent. His right shoulder was dislocated, but popped itself back in. The ligament and tendon damage should heal while the other shoulder is on the mend. The scrapes, bruises, and knobby marks just about paint his entire upper body and neck, and both forearms have basically no skin on them. The left side of his upper body was twice the size of his right, due to the swelling, although it's going down now.
The doc says 3 months minimum and although Ricky is a tough kid (the only time he cried was when he told me he had the holeshot) I feel the doctor may be right this time. I hope that this is a once-in-a-lifetime get-off. I can't take much more of this! I guess it's good PR for our sponsors!
Thanks to everyone for their calls, texts, and e mails.

Matt Draper
Contract Delivery Services, Inc.
Transportation and Logistics solutions for today's Corporate Services and Facilities Managers.

Side Note from Randy Toy
Rickys Sponsors include:
Storm Lake Honda - Smith Optics - GPS Suspension - Universal - Tamer - Amsoil - Decal Works - Socal Racing - Pro Wheel - Engine Ice - Pro Clean - Oxtar Boots - CKX Helmets - EVS - EK Designs - KOG Racing

By: Randy Toy

  I have posted the crash photos from the 450A Class First Moto Start where Ricky Draper crashed and was injured. These Photos were taken from accrost the track and may not be perfectly clear, but they are good enough to tell the story.
Ricky Draper was hurt in this crash and will be out for 6 to 8 weeks or longer depending on how well the surgery goes.
To help support Ricky Draper I will donate 50% of all sales of these crash photos to Ricky. So please help me support him. To support Ricky please purchase all of the digital versions of the photos there are 11 total photos. You can purchase the large version for the special price of $2.00 or the small version 800x600 for $.99 or You can also order the Printed versions for the prices listed in the drop down. I have already purchased the first 11 photos from my self to start things off. So help me help Ricky.....

Ricky thanks everyone for your support:

Side Note By: Randy Toy
This is also a Forum Topic at


From: Ed Kosiski of I80 Speedway Posted 5-15-07

Hello Racers!  First, I would like to thank everyone for their support at Little Sunset Speedway.  I am very pleased with the changes that have been made and the results of those changes at Little Sunset Speedway and I hope you have seen them also.  This past week, we had a weekly race kart count of 112 karts and a show that was less than 3 hours long. 

The track has been in great condition and we will work very hard to make sure that does not change.  I have attached information on some upcoming races and special events we will be having at Little Sunset Speedway, Soaring Edge and I-80 Speedway.   Please help distribute these flyers and hang them up at your place of business or anywhere they will be noticed.  We would really appreciate your help with getting the word out. 

During the Monster Truck Show on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, I would like some of our go-karters to put on a race on the front stretch of I-80 Speedway.  If you are interested in this event, please call me at 490-3535.  We will have free camping at our race track Memorial Day weekend.  With Mahoney State Park and water park, SAC Museum, the safari zoo within a couple miles of the track, we hope you choose this to be your weekend destination.  I know that kids are busy with games etc, but with the location of the track being so close to Omaha and Lincoln you can still make it to your events.  With gas prices being so high this could be a close (money saving) but very fun Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks and See you at the Races!
Ed Kosiski 490-3535

Photos are Uploaded CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEM

I just finished sorting all the photos from the weekend and I have just began uploading these photos. The photos are uploaded, I have some great Photos from the entire weekend. Including a bunch of photos of The Farm MX Water Swing, now that was alot of fun saturday after practice. I also have some photos of the Track and the Riders meeting.
The photos are up so CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEM,
I thank you for your patients.

Thank you.
Randy Toy

"Ricky Draper Injury Update" (5-14-07)
By: Matt Draper

As some of you already know Ricky was injured yesterday at the Farm MX in Indianola, Iowa warming up for the Loretta Lynn Regional next month. We are leaving for the hospital pretty soon for surgery and an overnight stay to fix the broken shoulder. Ricky had the start in the first 450 A moto, alongside Teddy Maier and Travis Hodges (35 A riders total). Hodgy slingshot from the outside and Ricky clipped his rear wheel 4th gear tapped and the rest you can figure out. He looks like he got hit by a bus, lots of knobby marks, etc. but he's in a good mood despite walking around like a grandpa.
We'll keep you all updated when I can, I'll probably spend the night there too.
Matt Draper

Side Note By: Randy Toy
I did happen to get photos of this crash and from the photos Ricky did infact clipp Hodges rear tire as mentioned. In my photos, Ricky was tossed from the bike and was hit by another rider almost immediately .The first rider to hit Ricky, first drove his front tire into his shoulder, then in the next photo, the rear tireof teh same ran accrost Ricky’sNeck as his helmet then grazed his rear sprocket.Then un the next photo , the second rider to his Ricky is launched off of Ricky as if he were a jump, then in the next photo he is again ran over by a third rider. Out of respect to Draper I will not be publishing these photos at this time.


With more that 480 Riders in attendance, all classes had a near full gate. And with a full gate comes the first turn, and with the first turn it usually means the chance of someone getting hurt. When you take 35 to 40 of the areas top racers and you given them the start Only one of them gets the whole shot, the rest have to fight for the chance to lead the race. In the first moto of the lites A class, Ricky Draper Rider # 821 on a Honda, suffered a first turn crash that would send him home for the day and to the hospital for a checkup. Ricky had broken the top of his Humerus in his left shoulder, and he separated his right shoulder but that one is ok. He will be going in for surgery early this week, Get well Ricky.
Also Suffering an Injury sunday was Teddy Maier, apparently when going through the woops his shoulder came out of socket, this effectively ended Teddy's day as well. For all the riders that were injured this weekend at the Farm we say heal well and come back strong.

I will have photos up later this evening. I have about 2000 photos to process so Please be patient. More than likely I wont have them up until really late this evening but please check back Tuesday for your photos from the weekend.

Click here for Some Photos from May 9th 2007

It's time to practice and who better to go for a quick ride with than Chris Hunter, Tuf Racing's Team Manager for the this years National Champion race team. With Chase McGrath, & Jared Robey really looking to pick up their game this year, and these two are really close in lap times at the races this year, it's great to see these two practice together. Though the track was not in the greatest shape for a 30 minute moto the weather was perfect. Chris was dialing in his new suspension setup from Factory Connection, Chase was there to get some seat time for this weekend at the Farm MX in Indianola Iowa.Well I was there to get some photos to try out my new Photo Store that I finally got finished. I have been really working hard on getting this store up and running. I still have some tweaks to do but the store is working. So check it out

So if you didn't know this weekend is the season opener for the Farm, and if you want action, and you would like to see all the top talent then the Farm MX is the place to race this weekend. If you are from out of the area and are planning on attending the North Central Amateur Regional qualifier for Loretta's this year, well this is the track you will be racing, so all of you that have already qualified for the regional, what are you waiting for come to the track this weekend and get some practice for the June 16th and 17th qualifier, after all it's a great track and always brings the highest level in talent.
A couple years ago when Mike Alessi was getting ready to turn pro in Millville, where did he race? The answer to that question is THE FARM MX. And who else well might you ask? Hmmmm well the list goes on. FOr starters former Supercross Champion Denny Stephenson, and current ranked supercross competitor Teddy Maier. It is not confirmed yet, but Teddy Maier should be attending this event. With supercross finally over, and a few weeks before the season opener for the AMA outdoor nationals, Maier will probably want to keep his game at it's highest, so he might be there. Well the list goes on but you can understand the level of competition this track brings.
Let me also say to all of you that are planning on making the trip to the farm and have never been here before, ill start by saying they really take care of the track and make every effort to keep it well groomed. It has always been one of my favorite tracks in the area, and to top it off it's also Kawasaki Contingency round. This weekend is also the 2007 4-Corners Region NMA National Qualifier. Shoot why stop there it is also the Full Throttle series Rd# 1 and the Win Series RD# 4. For more info on directions to the Farm Mx Click Here

Click Here
RacerX Full article: "5 Minutes With....." Harold Waddell

Harold Waddell is an Omaha, Ne Resident who last year claimed the AMA National Championship Hillclimb series. With nurmous titles under his belt as an amateur, Harold began his journey like most of us, with the hopes of making it to the top at the national level. Well here we are 2007, nine years in the making on the professional level for Harold, and he is finally the one everyone wants to beat, and meet for that matter.
Today on RacerX in their "5 Minutes With...." section of their website they have a great interview with him that we all should read. I read it because I am friends with Harold, but you should read it because it's a great article in probably the best offroad magazine publication there is, (it's my opinion that it is the best but we are all in titled to one, so that is why I put the "probably" in that last sentence).Shoot read it because it's a great article and we can all relate.
Recently in Logan Iowa, Harold Waddell had attended their season opener claiming victory as a warm up for his National quest for maintaining his title. I had also attended this event and was able to get some shots of him at what he does best, so you can view all the photos I took of Harold from the Logan Iowa Hill Climb just Click Here

:Clip By Randy Toy

Don't forget to visit RacerX Illustrated and if you have not already done so Click Here to Subscribe

Photos are UP
Click Here to View them

On hand for round 3 of the Win MX Series at Lanomi MX Park we saw Teddy Maier, Travis Hodges, Denny Stephenson, and a hand full of really fast riders competing for the top honors. Travis Hodges had a bad start and stalled his bike and made a bobble that sent him to the back of the class. While working his way through the pack Hodges had reached the A class rookie Ricky Draper, currently running 3rd place. Travis being a highly experienced racer quickly found a new Ricky, as he was putting pressure on Draper, Hodges was attempting shove his way through, but the youngster did not waver and held his cool, fightting the fight of his short A class career. Ricky Draper held off Travis Hodges on the final lap to claim an earned 3rd place.


RacerX Fan Of The Week (Bri Stiles)
More photos of Bri Stiles Click Here

You may or may not have seen already but on sunday April 22nd I submitted some photos that I took of Brei Stiles at the Mt Carroll, IL Lorteea Qualifier to
for their Universal Fan of the Week. Early monday morning I received a reply from them that they had use my photos for their fan of the week. So go and take a look for your self

US Mini Road Race, Inaugural Race

US Mini Road Race (USMRR) kicked off it's inaugural race last weekend.   The crowd that came out for our first race was small, but very enthusiastic.  The weather was sunny and 70 for the day, we did have to fight through quite a wind,but nobody seemed to mind.  The IIR track was ready for some racing. Everyone seemed to have a great time that day.  We had guys who were racing for the first time and for some it was their first time on asphalt period.  Aaron Kauffman made his way out on the race track for the first time and <More>

SUPERCROSS - Stewart On The Verge
Posted By Paul Carruthers

The following is from AMA Racing...

James Stewart is on the verge of winning the biggest title of his career. This Saturday, April 28 at Qwest Field in Seattle, the 22-year-old Kawasaki ace from Haines City, Fla., needs only to finish ninth or better to wrap up the 2007 Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series championship.
Stewart comes to the Seattle Supercross, the 14th race in the 16-race AMA series, having put together one of the finest seasons in the history of the series. He has 11 wins so far and is enjoying an impressive five-race winning streak. Stewart is poised to become the next dominant rider in AMA Supercross, following in the footsteps of the two winningest riders in the sport’s history in Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael.
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North Central Loretta Lynns Qualifier - Mt Carroll, IL

The photos from the Loretta Qualifier are now up. There are more than 2000 photos from all clases racing this last weekend. I Thank you for your patients and I hope you enjoy all the photos from this event. It was wonderfull meeting everyone, I am currently taking orders for custom posters, in both digital format and Print. If there are ony photos of you that you like and would like me to customize please email me at I can produce posters of any size, price will vary depending on size and type.
Currently I am working on upgrading my Racerprofile signup form to include more advanced options. Rider Profile signup is free but Coming soon to you can signup for a PowerProfile for a small fee you will have a dedicated profile that is exactly like having your own website with your name listed at the top instead of, and your profile will be colored to your liking, with colors to choose from, such as Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. For an example of a PowerProfile visit this is an example of a Blue PowerProfile. More on this soon.

Again thank you Matt Draper, Denny Stephenson, Ricky Draper & Mike Weese for letting me ride along with you all to the races this weekend.
I will see you at the races in Lamoni this weekend if you will be attending that event.

Thank you Randy Toy
P.S. I am accepting donations to help keep this website going, You do not have to donate but any amount is greatly appreciated.
to donate just click on the Donate button on the right side of this website thank you.

I put together a couple posters of Travis Hodges from some of the photos I took this weekend at Riverside Raceway.
Click on any image to view the full size poster.
So do You want a custom poster by Racertoy? Just Email your request to

Poster 1 Size 2550 x 3300 "3.9Mb"
Poster 2 Size 3504 x 2336 "3.5Mb"

Whitesands Raceway - Round 2 - Ashland, Ne

Finally a good weekend to race, with most of the areas season openers canceled due to weather, Whitesands also had their season opener canceled a couple weeks ago. SO this was technically Round 1 of the series and this would be Ricky Draper's round 1 from coming off a broken wrist in practice at the Guthrie round of the BooKoo series Arenacross (Click Here for full story on BooKoo round). So Ricky has been looking get back in action and race again. After Practice Saturday at whitesands Draper really looked smooth and confident. I asked him how his wrist was holding up and he was happy with it for the most part, he said it still has a little pain but all in all he told me he is 100% good to go, and super excited to finally race again.
Ricky entered 3 Classes this weekend taking top honors in all 3 classes, I would say that is defiantly how you make a comeback so Congratulations to Ricky for that. After a great weekend of racing Draper headed home with some winning cash in his pocket and a huge smile, but unfortunately on the ride home ricky was Driving him self home in his Ford Pickup and up ahead Ricky saw something in the middle of the road at the last second, he swerved to miss what ever it was and rolled his truck several times. Ricky is lucky because he was wearing his seat belt, and from the Police reports in this instance if he would not have been wearing his seat belt he would most certainly been killed. Having an awareness of safety at all times while racing probably gave him the intuition to BUCKLE UP you never know when something like this can Happen and thank god Ricky had safety on his mind. Yeah he was excited about winning this weekend but in his excitement he didn't forget buckle his belt.
With the Loretta Qualifier this weekend in Illinois, a little sore but nothing really bad Ricky will still be racing this event. I will also be attending this event to take photos so if you are also racing this event make sure you email me or stop me at the track and say hi. So we will see you all at the races.

Randy Toy


Riverside Raceway - Win MX Round 2 - Winterset, IA

3 Classes and 6 Motos later Travis Hodges leaves winterset with a pocket full of Points for the Win MX Series - All the Photos are up and ready to view. There are more that 1300 Photos in all. Remember I was not the only one taking photos Sunday. Dave Bednar with will have the most complete listing of photos from the weekend. Through him you can also order a print version of the photos such as 4x6 or 5x7 or even a mouse pad and many more options. Make sure you visit his site for your purchasing needs. Dave has been taking Photos for a long time and I have purchased many times from him over the past few years and believe me you will definatly get your money worth.
Again that website is
Come back later this evening.

Photos Now Avaliable from April 15th 2007


Whitesands Raceway - Ashland, NE April 14th 2007 Saturday Practice

Jeff Ferrin really had the conditions perfect for riding, the dirt was about as good as it gets and in typical Whitesands fation the track stayed perfect througout the day. The weather could not have been much better either, after all the bad weather we have had to endour latley it was a pleasure to finally see a day with tempatures over 40. So if you don't plan on traveling far this weekend to go racing, then Whitesands is the place to go, with their first race of the season being rained out a couple weeks ago, technically this weekend would mark Whitesands Raceway's actual season opener, so make sure to visit for detalied information on race schedlue and direstions to the track.
Today we saw Denny Stephenson, Chris Hunter, Ricky Draper, Dillon Cloyed, Chase Evans, and a bunch more of the areas top racers out having a great time. With a great forcast for the weekend it's looking to be a great weekend to go racing. I should have all the photos that I took today, up on the website by monday night. I will be heading to Winterset for the Sunday Event at Riverside Raceway, so if you are heading to Winterset tomorrow make sure if you see me there stop me and say hello and give me your bike nubmber so I can make sure to get some photos of you. Well have a great weekend of racing everyone and we will see you at the races

Thank you
Randy Toy
Photos should be up by 11:00 Pm Monday Night
Photos Now Avaliable from April 14th 2007

April 8th Easter Sunday Motocross Practice

Finally there was a clear warm day to ride and who would miss a chance to take some time and go for a ride. Chase McGrath, Harold Waddell, Luke Vopnford, Cody Gilmore and Justin Kolb were out to get some much needed ride time. Harold and Chase were having some really good practice laps and near the end of the day they were out for dirt. SO WHo ever killed their bike got it and I mean got it. At one point chase and Harold were both reaching for the others kill switch, Chase got the upper hand on that one and harold killed his bike and so did Justin Kolb, Chase took advantage and took turns roosting each of them. It was a fun filled day of riding and to top it off I came home with some really great photos to share with everyone.

The riders Meeting
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