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Interview With Cody Gilmore - "Happy Again" - (5-22-07)




Interview By: Randy Toy

With a nick name to suit Cody Gilmore has stayed true to his name through out the last 9 months with the word "Happy" stamped on the back of his pants, through all he has been through Cody has always kept focused on the bigger picture, On and off the track Cody is a class act and is a positive role model for everyone. As most of you may already know Cody Gilmore was on his way to reaching the highest level of Arenacross, Supercross and Motocross. Following the rookie of the year nomination in Arenacross 2004/2005 Season, Cody was well on the way to starting the a championship 2005/2006 Season, November 4th-6th 2005 in DesMoins, Ia, Cody Gilmore took a 6th Place overall Finish in the 450 Class on Friday, then following it up Saturday Night with another 6th Place Finish in the 450 Main, then to top it off he won the Lites Class main event. This was just the start of a great season, Cody was well on his way to capturing the Lites Class title, with win after win, week after week, and also was having solid top 10 finishes in the 450 Class every weekend. Near the Halfway point Cody injured his wrist at one of the rounds, so he decided to sit the rest of the season out and get ready for the AMA Outdoor Nationals. Cody was released to ride by his doctor in early August, though he was excited to get back on a bike, ultimately he decided to wait until after the Loretta National Amateur MX Championship races to ride again, while he was attending the Loretta Nationals as a spectator, he was there to support some fellow racers that were competing in the 2006 Loretta Amateur Nationals.
While he was at the races his legs had began to go numb, not long after that he was rushed to the hospital where later he was diagnosed with Cancer. His condition was not good, at that time he was not expected to walk or ride again. Cody Gilmore was then transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to undergo surgery, and begin his rigorous chemo therapy.
Back in November of 2006 I received a call from Cody to let me know he was going to go riding his new bike, He asked If I wanted to come up and take some photos. This was a great day for Cody and for all of his fans, he had over come the first hurdle, thus resulting in him being able to ride again. Click here and read the Article and see all the Photos I took that day. I also built Cody a new website a couple months ago if you want to see all the photos taken of him From November 2nd to now
visit his website www.codygilmore.com Now it's 2007 and Cody is really "Happy Again" and super excited to get back in action, I was able to speak with cody this week and this is what he had to say.

Question: Your fans really want to know when they might see you racing again?
Cody: That’s a good question. Right now I do not know. I was planning on coming back by July but now with my broken leg I think I'm going to have to push that back a month. We will see.

Question: Who inspires you?
Cody: My parents have always been my biggest inspiration, they have motivated me to be my best, and they always try there hardest for me. People with great attitudes also inspire me, its good to have a positive atmosphere around you all the time.

Question: How’s coming back from this treating you?
Cody: It’s going good, but it’s hard. I haven’t really even started the physical part yet. It takes mental and physical work to come back from an injury. It makes it tough for me though because I’m going to be coming back from multiple injuries. I have my cancer to overcome which from the radiation and all the chemotherapy I've been through its going to take soon much weight training and cardio training just to get my muscles and endurance up to a regular person’s level. Plus it just takes time for that stuff to get out of your system. I’ve been sick since last August so I have a lot of time to make up. Then from my surgery I had from my cancer it was a pretty serious surgery on my back that could have left me paralyzed. I was lucky, I guess I have recovered from that somewhat I had to learn how to walk again and all of that because it did leave me paralyzed for a while. I can walk normally now but running and stuff is outta’ the question and the doctors say I pry will never get that back we will see though. And now my latest injury I broke my leg 3 weeks ago riding so I’m gonna' have to add that to my list to come back from but once it is healed my main work will begin.

Question: We all remember You as riding Kawasaki, and now the switch to Yamaha. What was the biggest reason for switching brands?
Cody: There is not one big reason there is a couple small ones. One of my reasons is when I started racing pro I was dropped by Kawasaki Team Green as they are an Amateur program. Then with the new team I’m riding for I had an option to pick what I wanted and I liked the Yamaha the best.

Questions: With all that you have gone through, it's got to be tough with your sponsors, but as I understand
you have a couple new sponsors that have been backing you 110%, so who are they?

Cody: Right before I found all of this out, I worked out a deal with Husker Off-road Racing team. They have stuck beside me through everything and I will be racing for them when I come back. All of my sponsors have been great to me. A couple you never here back from but everyone like Thor, Smith, Yoshimura, Cti2, Pj1, Devol Engineering, Ogio and a couple others I cant remember right now have been right beside me through everything. Then with all of my new sponsors coming on board with the HuskerOffroad.com racing team I'd like to thank them also.

Question: Do you foresee the possibility of competing at the national level again in 2008?
Cody: Id like to say yeah for sure. If everything goes good and I get to where I want to be. I’m not for sure where or what ill just have to make that decision when it comes. I get allot of questions about racing Arenacross this year. and I don’t think you will see me out there in pro stuff that soon yet.

Question: I imagine that the coming weeks will be challenging, with working on getting back into shape, so what kind of training are you planning on doing?
Cody: A lot of Cardio and cycling. My endurance is my main thing I need to gain back. I also have a lot of weight training to do also. I have lost ALOT of muscle and weight over the past year. I also have to find some speed on the bike when I come back; because with not racing for over a year and a half now and when I come back it will be about 2, I’m sure everyone has been picking it up.

Question: Ok in the racing world, who do you think has the best chance of
Winning the Lites class AMA Outdoor Nationals?

Cody: Villopoto he is hard to bet against. He will be up there for sure anyways.

Question: How about the Motocross class, can anyone step up and challenge Stewart.
Cody: Well we all know with the first weekend over RC still has what it takes to hand it too Stewart. We will see RC at the first 6 nationals and Millville. But other then that my main money is on Davey Millsaps, I’ve been racing with him my whole life and I know he has what it takes to step it up to the next level.

Thanks Cody for taking the time to speak with me,
We are all excited to see you come back, you have all of our support and we all wish you the best.
By: Randy Toy

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