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Chase McGrath

OMAHA, NEBRASKA (October 19th, 2006) It seems like yesterday when I first met Chase. The first time I met him I remember I was show off. Chase and a friend of his were watching me ride in a field next to my work, where we were able to test bikes after working on them. I was test riding my KX125 right after making some modifications to it. I did some simple stunts like One handed Wheelie no footed stoppie and some ohers, and a few hot laps through the trees. When I was done he said to me "Youre Awsome!" I knowing that I was not really all that great said thanks anyway. Then he sais "I wish I could do that!"

Then I remember His first race he was in a mixed class start and I was on the starting gate with him. I was racing the 250 Open and he was in the 125 Open class. I remember how bummed he was that I lapped him on a short track, and it was only a 5 lap race. Well here we are now aproximatly 6 years later, and how the tables have turned.
In 2006, Chase has moved to the A class for his first full season.

Chase McGrath is alot like Ricky Carmichael in that he wants to succeed probably more than any one on the track with him, and he gives it everything he can. He does have talent but he is years behind everyone he is racing with when it comes to experience. Most of the kids he races with have been racing since they were 4 or 5 and that leaves Chase about 10 years behind them when it comes to time on the bike and track time. When you look at it like that and look at how much he has improved in a few short years he is way ahead of the game.

Not only is Chase becoming a better rider/ racer, he is beginning the understand the mechanics of the motorcycle more than his competition. I do not know of anyone that spends as much time maintaing their bike, as they do riding it. Well Chase is that person, to the fullest. He works on his bike as much as a factory race team mechanic would for his racer. So in that respect Chase is his own mechanic and the racer. He is lucky to have his Father, Matt McGrath there for him to take him to and from the races. That really gies Chase the brake he needs. So I give my hat off to Matt for everything he does for Chase.

I have always believed that knowing what your bike is doing is half the battle, so if that is true he is already half way there. Shoot he could be a mechanic for a race team as well as be the racer for one, given this is Chases first year as an A class racer and given the fact that he is puting himself through school working Full time and working on his bike full time, practicing almost everyday and racing on the weekend's. Traveling to tracks as far as Las Vegas, Lorettas, Branson, Millville, and many more. When you start looking at what this kid is doing with his life you wonder how does he do it. To top it all off chase is a great person to be around and would be a great spokes person for whom ever he rides for.

Then you ask your self how does he do it, well if you ask him the answer is simple. He would say " I Love to Ride" What else is there and does it get better than that.
Keep it up # 326
e will be looking forward to seeing your name in the future.

The following is an article I wrote about chase 6 years ago.

Chase McGrath has begun his rise to the top going form the back of the pack to the front in a short 3 races. On June 25, 2000 Chase found himself for the first time, at the front of the pack.

  MOTO 1:

     Chase was there at the start of his first moto for the day with one vision, "WIN!" Chase was not there to ride this day he was there to win. In the past several months He has began to dedicate himself to this sport, and has found a new desire to succeed.

     He was staring at the starting gate, and peering across the start line at his competition. There they were, all 16 of them, butterflies were churning and his nerves were on the edge. Thoughts of the past month of practice sessions were running rapid, trying to remember everything he had been taught and had learned. Then it was time the 30 second board came up. and in a flash he was on the edge staring down in anticipation, and the gate dropped, his body went into motion and came from the gate in 3rd, and at the first turn he was almost had 1st, as another rider nudged his way through just edging Chase out. For the duration of the moto Chase gave chase to the one racer in front of him,  as he was never really pressured for second spot, this gave him time to relax and concentrate on that first place finish. Though the other rider this day was faster chase never fell far enough behind him to be out of reach for the win. If by chance the other rider were to fall chase would have been there to pass him.

   In this first moto Chase McGrath found second, and was more then satisfied with his position. In his past 3 races he had not finished or even ran in a position better than 7th. With his average finish being 13th or better. But he has been dedicated and continues to learn at a faster pace every day. I believe a lot of his being able to learn comes from His father. His Father has gone above and beyond to get him to the places he needs to go for practice. His Father is Chases biggest reason for his coming success. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this kid form Omaha Nebr., has the talent and the skill to learn. He is as they say "Gifted." 

    Chase is one of the most improved riders on the track for the 2000 racing season. I am honored to be there to witness this kid learn, and I am even more honored that he comes to me for advice. It gives me great pleasure knowing what I have been teaching him some of it is sinking in. I am predicting Chase McGrath will not only win the beginner class by the end of the season but be near the top of the C class as well. Keep it up Chase!!!



      The second moto was here and Chase was ready this time and he was not going to settle for second, no way! When the gate dropped, chase was in the top 3 again and by the second turn he was leading the race. His heart was in a place he had never been before and God it was great, not only for him but for his Father as well. From the pits, his father screamed with excitement gritted his teeth and began this ride with his son.

    Leading the race was not easy for McGrath as the second place racer was a little faster earlier that day, there was no way McGrath was going to give up that lead. Turn after turn McGrath fought off a charging second place racer, taking the best lines and keeping his wheels on the ground.

   Turn after turn McGrath felt the pressure and handled it like a pro., he could see the front wheel of his opponent and could have grabbed his fender virtually the entire race. And there was his father tearing down the fence thinking to him self and sometimes aloud "Come on Chase you can do it!!!"

   Oh it was the 5th and final lap and McGrath was still in the lead,  15 more turns to go. Just 15 more and he will take home his first trophy and his first race win.  10 turns later McGrath was charging and protecting his line and  in the next turn, the one he'd taken all day with relative ease was in a moment his least favorite turn on the track, as the racer that had been so close this entire moto decided it was time to pass McGrath. Either he was going down or McGrath was. The second place racer took a line, that until then had not existed and in taking that line McGrath's handlebars got tangled with the second place racers bars, and as the two bikes collided in the apex of the 11th turn, it was then Chase found him self face down in the Whitesands Raceway dirt. From First to last with 4 turns to go, was the worst, and yet best thing to happen to him the whole day. Though he did not win  he left there that day a better racer, he may not know it yet but he will the next time that happens, for when it does he will be a little more prepared as to what can and will happen. Chases father was devastated and his heart went out to his son and the two of them felt exactly the same. It was a heart breaking moment for everyone who knows Chase they really wanted him to win that race.

    Though Chase didn't win the race he succeeded in so many ways. I personally think chase is a great kid and has serious potential. He has talent few of the kids out there will ever really have. I would have to say Chase McGrath is one class A kid. Keep Up the hard work and PRACTICE..... PRACTICE..... PRACTICE.....  I am Proud to know this Kid. Go Chase!!!!

  Article By :  Randy Toy








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