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Featured Rider
Harold Waddell

Harold Waddell, NAHA Pro from Omaha, Nebraska Wins National Title (November 12th, 2006) Most everyone that races motorcycles has, or has had the dream of winning a national title at sometime in their life. As young kid or even a young adult, we dream big. So what really makes a champion, The Champion. It starts with support, yeah inside you believe in your self and you know you have what it takes to win, but when you face a challenge and fall short a few times, it takes support to keep you on track. I'm not talking about sponsors and endorsements. I'm talking about someone beside yourself believing in you as much as you believe in yourself. The reality is that even with all the support in the world, few of us ever get a chance to reach the national level of racing, let alone win a national title.
Harold Waddell and family, have been seeking this National Title for 6 years with Harold as the Pilot, and Harold Waddell has finally reached the top of a long ladder, earning it every step of the way. Congratulations Harold on winning the national title.
I have had the privilege of riding and racing with Harold on many occasions, and have seen his ability to ride a motorcycle extends far beyond his Hillclimb National Title. Harold enters several motocross races each year and has as much ability to win in the "A" class against full time motocross racers as anyone on the track. Shoot he will enter a Hare Scrambles race maybe once or twice a year, and as I have seen him do several times in the past, win the event.
He can ride just about anything and do it at the highest level and be a top contender in what ever he does. As much talent as Harold has he knows from experience that there is allot of hard work and dedication behind his recent success, and he thought it was tough getting to to top. Now defending the title can be even tougher.

Good luck in 2007 and we will be rooting for you to retain that title for years to come.
Congratulations and good luck.


By Randy Toy

Harold Waddell
Harold Waddell
Harold Waddell
Harold Waddell
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RacerX Full article: "5 Minutes With....." Harold Waddell

Harold Waddell is an Omaha, Ne Resident who last year claimed the AMA National Championship Hillclimb series. With nurmous titles under his belt as an amateur, Harold began his journey like most of us, with the hopes of making it to the top at the national level. Well here we are 2007, nine years in the making on the professional level for Harold, and he is finally the one everyone wants to beat, and meet for that matter.
Today on RacerX in their "5 Minutes With...." section of their website they have a great interview with him that we all should read. I read it because I am friends with Harold, but you should read it because it's a great article in probably the best offroad magazine publication there is, (it's my opinion that it is the best but we are all in titled to one, so that is why I put the "probably" in that last sentence).Shoot read it because it's a great article and we can all relate.
Recently in Logan Iowa, Harold Waddell had attended their season opener claiming victory as a warm up for his National quest for maintaining his title. I had also attended this event and was able to get some shots of him at what he does best, so you can view all the photos I took of Harold from the Logan Iowa Hill Climb just Click Here

:Clip By Randy Toy




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