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  Zane Urek Racertoy.com Racer Profile  

Zane Urek
Zane Urek
Zane Urek

Zane Urek #598

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Racing Background: My father has raced locally for years and loved it. My mother has been in love with riding since she was a kid. Naturally when I was born, I picked the bug up from them. I love all forms of motorcycle sports but motocross is dear to my heart.

Personal Statement: I am currently in 2nd grade with a 3.7 grade point
average. I have been accepted into my school\'s gifted enrichment program.
In addition, I have also received both the Math and Citizenship Award for my grade. I spend a lot of time reading with my family. Education is important to reach your goals. When I am not riding motocross, I am always available at the nearest pool, riding bmx, or running my grandfather's steam engine train. I started racing in 2005 on an XR50. After two races, I moved to a KTM Pro Jr and began picking up stronger finishes. I have competed at many local and regional tracks in the area, including Arenacross. My dad purchased new senior sized bikes before the end of the season in 2006 which required me to move up to the 50cc 7-8 class a year early. This made competition more difficult, but I learned a lot from the more experienced riders.

Next Seasons Goals: My goals for 2007 are to continue improving my skills as a competitor. A top 5 finish in my local district series is within my reach if I continue to work hard. This fall I plan to attend the Branson MX National Championship and North Central Arenacross events to gauge my riding to others I wouldn’t normally see at my local tracks. The 2006-2007 season will also find me attending the Ponca City qualifiers and competing in the WINMX-District 22 series for 50cc 7-8 and 65cc 7-9.

Plans for the Future: I plan to continue racing motocross as much as possible.
After I finish school, I would like to consider a career as a racer, soldier or musician

Career Highlights: I placed 3rd in the Southwest Iowa Series for 50cc 7-8.
I also learned to ride a 65 and spent most of my summer working on transitioning between both bikes.

Current Sponsors 2007 :
Pro Racing Cycles (www.proracingcycles.com) Scott USA (www.scottusa.com) Renthal (www.renthal.com)

Hobbies Other Sports: BMX, swimming

Born: 1998
Live: Omaha, Ne
My Ride/s:
Education: Elementary
Bike 1:
PRC LX-RR 50 Works
Bike_2: PRC RR-65
Bike_3: RM 65

Height: 4ft
Weight: 72

Region: North Central, District 22
Racing Class:
Class 1: 50cc 7--8
Class 2: 65cc 7-9

Type of Racing: Motocross
Biggest Race:
District 22
Biggest Win: Dow City
Best Accomplishment: Placed 3rd in the Southwest Iowa Series for 50cc 7-8
in 2006


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